8 Kitchen Design Trends To Avoid

Trends are personal preferences. They come and go. When a new trend emerges, many people tend to embrace it. However, with time it gets outdated and people find it no longer useful. That is why it is important to go for kitchen design trends that will stand the test of time. The best kitchen design trends should save space, look attractive, accommodate many kitchen facilities and more. The good thing is that there are many design trends and therefore you have many options to choose from. Just to ensure that you do not make a mistake, we are going to provide you with kitchen design trends to avoid. This will guarantee you kitchen design that will remain relevant for a long period of time. It will also increase chances of getting quick buyers in case you decide to sell your house. Take a look.

1. Large Counter Space
It is good to have counters in your kitchen. But do not leave big space for it. It should just be minimal. Any kitchen with large counter space will limit the functionality of your kitchen. There will be less space for placing grocery, cutting or chopping food,cooking and more. You definitely don’t want a kitchen that will make your cooking experience boring and inconvinient. This design trend should therefore be avoided. It may discourage home buyers however good your kitchen may be.

2. Placing Useful Facilities Far Apart
Kitchen should be designed in such a way that useful facilities used on frequent basis are closely placed. Such facilities include cooker, fridge, sink and stove. This will make your work in the kitchen easy, convenient and enjoyable. It will prevent you from the hassle of moving up and down when you want to use fridge, sink , stove and more. You will be busy at one central point. Any kitchen design trend that places essential facilities far from each other should be avoided.

3. Skimping Storage
The more you continue to stay in the house, the more items you will add to your kitchen. That is why you should avoid any design trend that does not take storage into consideration. Storage should be sufficient so that you will not waste time and resources creating more space for new items bought. This also explains why people are no longer using faux cabinet fonts. They consume much space that would be used for storage purposes.

4. Poor Lighting
The best kitchen design trend should take lighting into consideration. Any design with poor lighting should be avoided. Lighting is important because to sets the mood so that you can enjoy all kitchen activities. It also enhances visibility in the kitchen so that you can do your cooking while seeing clearly at night. It also makes the kitchen look attractive.

5. Ignoring architecture
It is always advisable to consult an architect on which design trend to use before applying it in your kitchen. It should complement with the rest of the house. Any kitchen design trend that is not in harmony with the rest of the house should be avoided. Such a kitchen will be less attractive and therefore home buyers may be less interested in it.

6. Farmhouse Sinks
Gone are the days when kitchen was designed with farmhouse sinks. Not only are they old fashioned but also look less attractive. In addition, they have limited functionality when compared to modern sink designs.

7. Poor Color Design
Color is very important when designing your kitchen. It can attract somebody or be a put off. It is advisable to use bright colors that complement your kitchen decor. Good choice of color will make your kitchen stand out. Home buyers will be very much interested to buy should you decide to sell it.Consult with your architect to advise on the best color that matches your kitchen.

8. Poor Socket Location
When doing wiring, make sure that sockets are placed in appropriate locations. Your fridge, microwave, electric coil, electric kettle and more will need to be connected to electricity. Therefore, sockets should be placed in areas that are easily accessible. This will make your cooking easy and convenient. Any kitchen design trend that does not take this into consideration should be ditched.

In conclusion, if you want to have a kitchen that will stand the test of time, avoid the above design trends. They are irrelevant, outdated and less attractive. They can discourage a potential home buyer from buying your house.

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