How To Maintain Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized can be quite the stressful task. This is because the kitchen is prone to being in a mess most especially while cooking or any time you fetch something from there and fast. Cleaning it thoroughly will only help maintain the kitchen that one time you do the deep clean. However this is not guaranteed to last long due to unavoidable daily circumstances of periods in the kitchen.

The kitchen bound to get dirty and messy fast and often, it is therefore wise to be on your toes and ensure that it is clean 24/7. Although this will involve cleaning often, doesn’t mean you turn the kitchen upside down on daily basis to make it sparkle and for long hours. All that can be overwhelming and tiresome at some point. However, with a few dedicated minutes to clearing off any mess created and ensuring that everything sits back where it should, will do the tricks for you.

Keep the sink in check

The sink should be your number one priority. It carries the most of the kitchen clutter (cups, plates, pans, glasses, cutlery, pots etc.) which can unknowingly dispatch dirt across the kitchen easily. Dishes which have accumulated on the sink should be the first to get rid of before stepping over to the next chore. Whether you need to cook or just clean the kitchen, the sink needs to be cleared and cleaned first to ensure you don’t tire yourself going back over and over again. To maintain the kitchen’s sink at a top-level cleanliness, ensure you sanitize it daily and wipe off using a disinfectant/water and bleach.

Label your containers

Using masking tape and a permanent marker, label your containers. This will help you store them in the appropriate areas i.e. in the fridge or in the cabinets. It also eases your work since you’ll not spend time looking inside each container to know its contents when preparing lunch or dinner. In addition to that, you’ll save some seconds on the clock.

Clean the counter top

This being your working space while in the kitchen, one way or another, it will definitely endure spills of floor, vegetables, oily substances and the list goes on. Since it holds delicate food stuff that will end up in our tummies, it needs to be well taken care of and all the time. While cooking, improvise a garbage using a bowl where you can damp unwanted materials. This will enable you to minimize both the mess you’ll create on the countertop as well as spilling over to the floors. After cleaning, ensure you neatly arrange your countertop to give it that beautiful appealing look.

Don’t forget the Floors

The floors will suffer the same fate as the countertop surface due to spills of ingredients, food particles and litter. To make matters worse, the floors are the most neglected part of the kitchen. After cooking or cleaning, most people will forget to sweep up or wipe down the floors so as to get rid of any spillages. This is not only detrimental to your kitchen hygiene but also to the rest of the house since you can easily spread the spills to the rest of the rooms unintentionally.

The refrigerator

It is mandatory to clean the refrigerator and keep it organized at all times. Start with the inside and clean out anything that is spoilt or unwanted and remove litter left inside from already non-existent foods. This will help you not only keep the fridge clean but also make a complete clear grocery list of things needed. Once done, put back wanted substances in the fridge and cover them nicely to prevent them from going bad. Wipe the outside with a clean cloth and voila! It’s done.

Take care of the garbage

To ensure that garbage is well thrown away, ensure that you have a garbage can or paper where you can safely dispose it. In case of accidents where the litter falls on the floors, collect and put it in the garbage can/paper.

Cleaning your kitchen can be easily managed, however, maintaining the cleanliness can prove difficult. For every part of your kitchen, ensure you have the necessary tools and keep them in an easily accessible area. To uphold the kitchen tidiness and cleanliness, you don’t need to wait till the kitchen is messy and disgusting. Clean through as you progress from one corner of the kitchen to the other and create happiness in the kitchen by simply keeping it clean always.


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