La Marzocco Linea Mini Review

La Marzocco Linea Espresso is popular among the commercial users as a “Northwest Workhorse”. The machine is perfect among the espresso enthusiast who loves simplicity and automation in the brewing quality. This is not your machine if you’re a novice coffee maker. You’ll need a great understanding of tastes and temperatures.

Functionality and Features

Brew paddle- The feature helps in initiating a brew cycle. It is located at the front part of the machine.

Barista lights- stage lighting is available for the Linea Mini to highlight every awesome coffee brew.

Brew Group- An integrated brew group comes with the newly introduced La Marzocco Mini Espresso. The feature combines both the brew group and the brew into a single seamless component. The resultant component supports the achievement of uniform energy efficiency and temperature stability.

Simple Indicator lights- you’ll understand what is happening with your machine by looking at the indicator lights. There are two indicator lights; one red light at the top helps you know that the machine is heating up. The light remains solid at the optimal heating condition of the machine. On the bottom is a blue light that indicates the water level. The button will blink whenever there is the need to refill the water reservoir.

The large reservoir-the machine has a 3.5 L capacity of water that supports multiple brewing before there is the need for a refill.

Design and materials- La Marzocco Mini Espresso is designed with high-quality materials and features that enhance durability and performance. It has a steel component that has been graded for commercial use. Despite the name mini, the machine has a reasonable size that supports a sufficient brewing capacity.

Pre-infusion capability- La Marzocco Linea Espresso has a pre-programmed one-second mode of pre-infusion that facilitates maximum coffee extraction. The one-second pre-infusion capability featured by this coffee brewing machine allows a flawless coffee soaking before the brewing pressure is applied. The feature allows the water flow to remain constant in the coffee ground bed. Besides, it is the reason that your coffee has a consistent taste.

Other features include the availability of adjustable pump pressure and high heating system stability.


The machine’s drip tray is redesigned to support flawless removal when refilling the reservoir.

The machine will also come with a commercial-grade steam valve that supports optimal performance and high durability.

The machine is a hand-build quality.

The 3.5-liter capacity supports several brewing before refilling.

The machine is commercially graded in construction.

It supports a simultaneous pull and steam.


When it comes to the temperatures and pressure changes, the machine is not very handy.

There’s no way you can see the water level on the reservoir.

It isn’t very easy to clean the water reservoir, given how it is sealed.

How it compares with the earlier GS/3

When comparing Linea Mini with GS/3, I would recommend Linea Mini if you have limited counter space. Linea Mini is generally narrower than the earlier version of the machine.

Is La Marzocco Mini Espresso worth it?

Yes, this machine is worth it if you’re looking to have complete control over your coffee. But this is not the kind of machine you’ll pick and start making coffee expecting the best aroma and taste if you are a novice. You’ll also have to buy the machine if you can access a good grinder for grinding your coffee beans.

The idea pressure levels on the espresso machine

It’s always commendable to go through the instructions manual before using the machine. When the machine is ready to use, it will pressure reading in the range of 1.3 and 2.0. The pressure reading should never be allowed to exceed 12. When you need to adjust, you can use a valve located below the drip tray.

From our review, we can tell that La Marzocco Espresso is a machine that features reliable performance, true quality, and long serviceability. The machine features a traditional look that gives you the café feel in your kitchen. We recommend the machine to people who have prior experience in coffee brewing for better taste and aroma outcomes. Remember, the machine will give you the benefit of fully controlling your cup just like a professional barista! All the best with your coffee brewing experience.

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