Worst Kitchen Designing Mistakes

East or west, the kitchen is the hub of the house. It is no wonder that this important space attracts so much attention. Ironically, it is an uphill task to construct this space with perfect precision, devoid of unsightly blotches. The following are some of the most common kitchen design mistakes, and the suggested solutions to avoid such drawbacks.

Inadequate Storage Space:

Kitchen storage space is of paramount importance, yet one of the main design mistakes is not providing adequate storage room. The “Island” model kitchen counter is ideal for the following features:

  • Offering adequate storage
  • Affording vast counter space

Such space will be attained when the Island is positioned in such a way, that it doesn’t obstruct foot traffic to and from your primary workstation, refrigerator, and stove.

Poor Ventilation:

Poor kitchen design will facilitate withholding of stale and dirty air, which brings about the undesirable phenomenon of a smelly home. Providing a fine ventilation system when designing your kitchen, will help enhance quality indoor air. Moreover, proper ventilation will keep the kitchen clean by giving vent to foul air, and flying grease particles. These elements would have made their way to your electrical appliances, countertops, or percolate to other parts of the house. Indeed, adequate ventilation help elongates the lifespan of your appliances.

Altering the Original Plan:

Changing the kitchen design in the course of construction can be a very expensive affair. At the same time, such ad hoc changes can result to some embarrassing, unpredictable, and very exasperating blunders. You will never go wrong when you engage a contractor, with vast experience in kitchen design and stick to the original design plan.

Bad Kitchen Layout:

Woe to you if your kitchen design obstructs the Kitchen Triangle. A typical Kitchen Triangle consists of the following:

  • Sink
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator

A kitchen design with awkward door swings, tight walkways, and islands that obstruct access to the kitchen triangle, makes the kitchen space wasteful, and very inconvenient.

Poor Lighting:

A kitchen design with inadequate task lighting is a major let down. Care should be taken to provide adequate task lighting, especially to the sink, stove and preparation areas. Positioning for these fixtures ought to be earmarked beforehand, before the commencement of work. This is mainly because such installations require electrical connection services. A good kitchen design, therefore, will be keen to ensure sufficient lighting is available whenever it is needed. Good kitchen design provides ample task lighting, at the same time ensuring that there is no wastage whatsoever, therefore saving money on your power bill. Such energy-saving functions are attained by the usage of energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, as opposed to bright ones.

Super Trendy Designs:

Being extravagant with your kitchen design can backfire on you. Such an eventuality happens especially when you need to dispose of, or sell the property. Akin to the fashion industry, stylish kitchen designs have a very short lifespan. Moreover, situations may change, or you may relocate where the new occupier or owner may not be impressed by your kitchen design taste.

Vacationing at the Beginning and End of the Project:

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make when designing your kitchen is to take a vacation at the onset, and finishing stage of the project. More often than not, it is during such times that critical decisions need to be made. Deferring decisions about major utilities and fixtures, or delegating to the contractor won’t help either. You will have no one to blame if the outcome of your kitchen design is appalling.

Overlooking Professional Advice:

Folks, designing a kitchen is not a core business for many of you. Therefore, if you attempted to develop one, the project will be awash with blunders and mistakes, born out of inexperience and lack of knowledge. The solution lies in soliciting professional help. Professionals have in-depth knowledge of techniques, required materials, and the necessary tools needed to maximize your kitchen space. At the end of the day, consulting a kitchen design expert will help you save time, energy, and money.

Bottom Line :

Designing a kitchen is not a walk in the park. To get the kitchen design that meets your heart’s desire, at the same time appealing to the market requirements, you will need to do your homework thoroughly. Always remember that this is your kitchen. When all is said and done, you will be the one living with the outcome, whether good or bad. Now that you know what design mistakes to avoid, you are better off in making the crucial decision, as to what kind of investment you will put your money in.

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