How To Design Your Kitchen Layout

Every person dreams of having a well designed kitchen. But few think about how they can design their kitchen layout so that it looks outstanding. The best kitchen design layout should help to direct traffic, offer enough storage space, attractive and provide ample space for preparing meals. You should know where to position work triangle so that cooking becomes easy and convinient. There are different types of kitchen layout designs. Choice depends on individual prefences. It is advisable to choose design layout that will meet your kitchen needs. This ranges from cooking to storage of kitchen facilities like cabinet/appliances. In order to guide you on how to design your kitchen layout, we are going to present you with some of the best kitchen design layouts so that you can make your selection.
This kind of layout is a good choice if you have small space or cooking in your kitchen is done at one central spot. It is also referred to as walk through kitchen. It features two walls on the opposite side. It may also involve 2 countertops that are parallel to each other. There is a walk-through way in between them. The most impressive thing about gallery kitchen design layout is that it consumes kitchen space to the maximum. It also leaves ample space for your movement while in the kitchen. You will also not worry about corner cabinets that are usually difficult to configure.
One Wall
This type of kitchen layout design is mostly used in studio. This is because is consumes less space. It is the best fit for you if you want to save space. Appliances as well as cabinets are usually fixed on one wall. Modern designs have made some improvement on this layout by including an island thereby increasing room for storage. The design is still loved by many people.
This exceptional kitchen layout design converts L-shaped layout to horseshoe. It can also be used to change U-shaped kitchen layout to achieve a G-shape design. This is why it is sometimes referred to as connected island. Its functionality is the same as that of islands. The only difference is that peninsula does not provide enough space that characterises true island layout.
This excellent design is ideal for medium and small sized kitchens. If you want to maximize corner space, this is the design layout to go for. It involves countertops on 2 adjacent walls that are perpendicular to each other, forming L-shape. If you want to save on space, try to limit the ‘leg’ of L shape to about 12 feet. This layout is preferred by many people because it prevents the problem of traffic in the kitchen. In addition, it allows you to add dining space. Servants can take their food from here. Furthermore, more work space can be created to allow chef do lots of activities in the kitchen without worrying about space. However, this design layout out should not be used in a large kitchen where you will want to create an island or if more than two chefs will be cooking.
It is also called Horseshoe design. It is characterized by 3 cabinet and appliance walls. It includes an island kitchen which makes it assume U-shape. This amazing layout is preferred by many people because it allows fast and easy flow of traffic. This helps to prevent unnecessary congestion in the kitchen especially around the island. It also enhances the flow of work. This enables chef to have easy time while preparing food in the kitchen. Furthermore, it can accommodate more than one cook at ago. This makes it the best fit for you if you have many cooks.

Bottom Line
This design is mainly used in kitchens with enough space. It involves cabinets for storage purposes positioned at the right places. It helps to increase working space in the kitchen. Furthermore, it provides space for taking meals, storing drinks and more. The layout is very versatile. It can be used to change one wall kitchen layout to gallery and L-shaped layout design to U-shape.

In conclusion, if you have been wondering how to design your kitchen, you now have the answer. Choose your preferred layout and apply. Every layout design has its advantages and specific requirements in terms of space. Take this into consideration when making selection.

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